Face Recognition and Artificial Vision research for advanced security

Located at Room 145 of the 2nd Department Building in Móstoles Campus, our Laboratory has professional equipment for the research in Biometrics and Computer Vision. Also, is part of the “European Reference Network for Critical Infrastructure Protection (ERNCIP)”.


3D Minolta VIVID 700 Scanner

It is a laser light-stripe triangulation rangefinder, with a 200 x 200 points resolution (height x width) and 256 gray levels of depth, which corresponds to a scanned area ranging from 70 mm x 70 mm to 1100 mm x 1100 mm, depending on the setup. The scanner emits a red laser light stripe, which scans the object from top to bottom. For each horizontal line, some sensors identify the deformation produced by the object geometry. By means of inverse engineering, the scanner is able to reconstruct the 3D form of the object. The scanning time is 0.6 seconds. The result provided is a 3D model of the object in VRML format, as well as the corresponding range image (also known as 2.5D image).

Brochure of the 3D Minolta VIVID 700 Scanner

In the current setup of our Laboratory, we have the 3D scanner pointing to a wall covered by dark blue fabric. Two silvered umbrellas allow us to obtain a diffuse lighting, although we can also work with the fluorescent tubes in the ceiling. The person to be scanned sits down on a regulable stool in front of the blue wall. An operator controls the scanner to configure it and make it work. During all time, the acquisition conditions are controlled under a protocol of use of the Laboratory equipment. Due to security reasons, the person must keep his/her eyes closed during the scanning. No glasses, scarves or hats are allowed either, as they would distort the 3D model of the face. This scanner has been used to create our facial database FRAV3D.

In the following picture you can also see our CCD camera, which also pointing to the blue wall. It allows us to take video sequences or 2D images in colour. This camera has been used to create our facial database FRAV2D. Other equipment in the Laboratory can be several digital video cameras, as well some PCs.


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FRAV laboratory "Face Recognition and Artificial Vision research
laboratory for advanced security" is member of the European Reference
Network for Critical Infrastructure Protection (ERNCIP)

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